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Mel Waiters - Hit It And Quit It

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Joyce Lawson - I Still Love You

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Fredrick Hicks - Should Have Made You My Wife

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Going Crazy


OV Wright - You're Gonna Make Me Cry

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Take Me To The River: A Southern Soul Story 1961-1977 (Disc 1)


WSIR - Your#1 Hit Station For Southern Soul

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Floyd Taylor - I Like The Way

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Southern Soul Smashes 4


WSIR Top20
1. Andre Lee (11)
    Back In The Day Cafe
2. LJ Echols (8)
    My Handle Broke
3. Sir Jonathan Burton (5)
    Not Just Any Old Love Song
4. David Brinston (4)
    It' s Gonna Be A Showdown
5. Lomax (3)
    Swing It
6. Lady Audrey (3)
    Big Girls Swang
7. Dave Mack (3)
    Booty Talkin' Ft Big Yayo
8. LJ Echols (3)
    Shake Somethin
9. Sir Jonathan Burton (3)
    Meat On Them Bones
10. ZZ Hill (2)
    Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes
11. Napoleon (2)
    Booty Whipped
12. Al Lindsey (2)
    Tick Tock
13. Sir Jonathan Burton (2)
    Too Much Booty Shakin' (Extended)
14. Jimmie Ja (2)
    Put It On Me
15. Dee Bradley (2)
    Party 2 Nite!
16. Jill Sharp (2)
    I'll Be Your Cheating Woman
17. Barbie Dolle (2)
    Sho Wasn't Me!
18. Pat Brown (1)
    There Comes A Time
19. Big G (1)
    Pay Day Blues
20. Dr Feelgood Potts (1)
    Here's Your Drawers

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